Report on the educational/ treatment campaign carried out by OIPA Cameroon and sponsored by SPANA on the welfare of working animals in the Santa sub division Mezam division of the north west region of Cameroon

A team  of  OIPA  volunteer  left  Bamenda at 6: 30 am  .After facing the huddles  of the  bad road  from  Bamenda to Santa which was characterized by  dust  and a lot of pot holes, we finally  arrived Santa at 8:30  and met  with officials of the  ministry   of Livestock Fisheries  and animal industries and at Sub divisional delegation of Santa

We were welcomed by the sub divisional delegate of the Ministry of live Stock Fisheries and Animal Industries   of the Santa subdivision Mr. Cho Samuel. He thanked us for making the journey despite the   bad road.     During  the 30 minutes  meeting  with the  OIPA team   and the  official of MINEPIA , He then led us to the upper Ntarre in Santa  where  we met with owners of working  animals that  had  already arranged  as per our previous   pervious  meeting  with the delegation.

At Ntarre , the grazers , famers and owners of working  animals  gave us a worm welcome  and also applauded the sacrifice made  by the  team not just about the  time , but also to climb the  mountains  to  gets to the   projects  site. They also made mention of the numerous challenges they face during the dry season which also affect the welfare of their animals. On that note, they thanked the delegate and MINEPIA for their ceaseless contribution and support in insuring the welfare of their animals.        We are  convinced  that this initiative and  is  genuine  as  you are part  of  it  we are also  the convinced that  this drugs that will be  administered  to our animals  have been checked and confirm  by  MINIPIA said the animals owners to  sub divisional delegate  of MINEPIA .  The delegate  on his part  thanked  the  greasers for taking our time to part of this initiative  and assured  them  that the ministry  is working had to make sure  that their  animals are in best condition. It is worth noting  that we  appreciate  cordials  relationship between  farmers  and MIMEPIA .


At 10:30 am lecture on animals welfare and how to care for their working animals began. They were thought how to identify when an animal is sick, how to keep their animals under conformable environment, the relationship between humans and animals   and how to ensure the welfare of not just working animals, but every animals.  One of the most important topics that drew their attention was how to be able to mention a good relation these with animals at all times.

Provide constant medical check to the animals for benefit of both the animal and themselves.

Make proper used of the Ministry of Live Stock Fisheries and Animal Industries and their disposal.

They were very attentive and eager to learn during the excise. After the lectures it was now and interactive discussion with the herdsmen told us their local ways of identifying if their animals are sick. With their collaboration we identified some diseases like ,Foot rot, CRD, liver Fluke ,Mycroplama Rhnitis ,Pnemonis  and Endo and Ecto Parasite .

After the lecture, we move immediately to treating some of the working animals.  Over 5 horses were given some preventive treatment on CRS, and Pnemonia. Treatment on endo and ecto parasite were also given. Bolus were  given to  the owners  and words of encouragement.

The campaign ended at 5:30 pm with refreshment at the Santa cornerstone join.

Both OIPA delegation, the farmer Sub Divisional  Delegate   of MINIPIA   were happy for a successful campaign .


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