OIPA Cameroon Education Programme in Schools

OIPA Cameroon’s educators are currently in primary schools in the North West and West
days a week. Our interactive lessons strive to cultivate compassion in the students so that the
next generation will have empathy for all living beings. Lesson content includes the five
freedoms, the basic needs of dogs and dog welfare, how to be safe around dogs and what to do if
you do get bitten.


Since September 2015, more than 70,000 public school pupils aged 7 to 13 have learned how to
love and care for animals, and how to keep themselves and their communities safer from dog
bites and the spread of rabies in our informative and fun lessons. These students are our future
and we really believe education is the only way to improve things long terms for dogs and
communities in Bali.


This program is partly funded by SPANA UK, please donate to OIPA Cameroon to keep this
essential program going forward in the coming year.

What You Need to Know

Exotic animals are not pets! Wild animals like monkeys are very difficult to care for. Many
exotic animals are bought when they are young – and small. But they quickly grow big and
become unmanageable. A small enclosure soon becomes useless and a whole house can’t
provide these animals with the space, stimulation and opportunities they need to live fulfilling lives. In the wild, primates spend their entire lives in the company of other primates. Manycaptive primates don’t even have the company of one of their species.

  • You can leave at the end of your holiday … they can’t! Many compassionate tourists think they
    are helping animals by buying them. But when you leave, who will take care of them? With no
    facilities to house these animals, few people can provide a lifetime of responsible care. Many
    exotic animals are passed from home to home, never receiving adequate care or a stable
    environment. Many are abandoned in alien and hostile territory. Many are left caged and
    chained, vulnerable to a life of abuse and neglect.

What You Can Do

OIPA Cameroon believes that wildlife belongs in the wild. The trade in monkeys and other
wildlife species should be considered an urgent priority for law enforcement agencies, yet In
CEMACS’s laws are weak and rarely enforced. OIPA Cameroon is committed to lobbying for
change, but we need YOUR help!

  • Please don’t let your money fund the wildlife trade! We understand how hard it is to walk
    away from monkeys and other animals suffering at the hands of traders. But please NEVER buy
    a wild animal. The reality is that each time an animal is bought, you are placing an order for
    another animal to be stolen from its home in the wild. The only way to stop the trade – and the
    suffering – is to stem the demand.
  • DO NOT stay at hotels that keep wild animals for entertainment.
  • WRITE to your tour operator expressing your concerns if you see facilities housing or selling wildlife.
  • WRITE to your local Embassy to call for an end to the illegal wildlife
  • TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS to submit to OIPA if you see wildlife for sale.

OIPA Cameroon does not support facilities that keep wild animals in captivity for commercial
Keeping wildlife in captivity for food production or entertainment is unacceptable. For
more information, please contact us at: