International Organization For
Animal Protection- Cameroon
Saving animals from suffering in Cameroon Join us Now Donate Today
International Organization For
Animal Protection- Cameroon
Saving animals from suffering in Cameroon Join us Now Donate Today
International Organization For
Animal Protection- Cameroon
Saving animals from suffering in Cameroon Join us Now Donate Today
International Organization For
Animal Protection- Cameroon
Saving animals from suffering in Cameroon Join us Now Donate Today

Together we can make a difference

The International Organization for Animal Protection (OIPA) Cameroon
is a vetted and approved Non-Governmental Organization in Cameroon
that is working to improve the welfare of all animals. We are also a
delegation of OIPA International in Milan, Italy. OIPA Cameroon was
founded in 2012 and is currently operating in three regions in Cameroon.
We operate the only mobile veterinary clinic in Cameroon, which provides much-
needed health care to animals in need for free.

Wish List

If you are traveling to Cameroon or know someone else who is coming, you can make the visit extra special by bringing supplies to help Cameroon’s animals. OIPA Cameroon always needs essential supplies such as food, medicine, towels and toys. We have very little money to buy these things, so please take a look below at our Wish List. Anything you can bring will make a big difference. Many items such as food (rice, egg & chicken) and cleaning products (bleach, hand wash) can be purchased in Cameroon. If  you would like to donate items like these, you can purchase them in Cameroon or ask for your donation to be used to buy specific items. Donations of supplies can be
dropped off at our office .

Medications & Medical Supplies

Amoxyclav tablets (non-expired)
Cephalexin tablets (non-expired)
Rimadyl tablets (non-expired)
Frontline Plus for all sizes
Revolution for puppies, small & medium dogs 10-20kg
Demodex & tick medication – chewable (NEXGARD and BRAVECTO)
**Nexgard and Bravecto tablets for all size dogs

Food & Vitamins

Dog food, canned & dry
Cat food, canned & dry
Puppy & dog treats. Healthy bones chews (not made in China). No pressed rawhide.
Fish oil / Salmon Oil
Multivitamin Gel

Pet Supplies

Clip collars for puppies, small & medium dogs
Dog Leashes
Bowls, stainless steel
Feeding bottles for puppies
Dog beds / Mattresses/

Malaseb Shampoo
Towels (used are welcome)
Fleece blankets


Community Outreach

Although OIPA Cameroon must work to help individual animals every day, it knows that the best way to help working animals is by changing the attitudes and practices of their owners. That’s why the group engages in extensive community outreach. It hosts workshops and practical demonstrations to inform owners of proper grooming practices, hoof maintenance, parasite control, alternatives to painful devices like nose ropes and hobbles, and other important ways to prevent their animals from suffering.


Since its inception, OIPA Cameroon has conducted humane education lessons in hundreds of local schools by using the Compassionate Citizen program. These classroom talks and materials teach children the importance of kindness to animals they have often seen as objects to tease or torment. Among other things, they learn why it’s important not to use kite string coated with glass on animals.

This program is partly funded by SPANA please donate to OIPA Cameroon to keep this essential program going forward in the coming years.


Because of the rampant over-population of street dogs in Cameron, OIPA makes it a priority to tackle this problem through initiatives including:

  • Dog mobile clinics which provide free rabies vaccinations, deworming medication, iodine wound spray, and educational literature for pet owners.
  • Spay and neuter campaign at dog clinics with the goal to reduce the number of puppies born across the Tanzania thereby preventing animal suffering.
  • “Dog Dip” flea baths open each weekend at several veterinarian clinics where dog owners can bring their pets for a bath in dog-friendly chemicals which kills fleas and ticks


OIPA Cameroon is working, to improve the quality of life for donkeys, horses, as well as for people in the North and Far North Regions of Cameroon through greater understanding, collaboration and support, and by promoting lasting, mutual life-enhancing relationships. OIPA Cameroon provides veterinary care, education and support a thousand donkeys and their owners each year in the North and Far North Region of Cameroon.  Donkey owners are now able to confidently use a hand tool to establish the welfare of their animals and seek advice or veterinary care at the right moment. Grooming and hoof care are part of the welfare routine given to donkeys as donkey owners receive training from a well-experienced farrier.

For more information about our donkey welfare program and how to support

Contact or info@oipacameroon@org



home page and about us .

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24/7 Hotline

OIPA CAMEROON operates its emergency response Hotline round the clock.

If you need urgent advice about animal medication and care, see an animal in need of help or want to report a crime against an animal, please call our Hotline 24/7 on (+237) 677726413 or (+237) 670706757 or If our lines are busy or you can’t connect, please text a message . Please send photos and location details


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Pupils educated on animal welfare and environmental protection


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